A few before and afters….

We’re coming up on our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of living in the “H House”…. I am hoping to get in gear and do a big “Before and After” post with all the changes we’ve done.

For now… I thought I’d post one “big” project we accomplished this weekend. Or… should I say Ryan accomplished? My walk in closet has been a disaster zone since we moved in. Whenever we knew we’d have company and would possibly be showing the house to people for the first time (note… first time…. after that you see the real, true mess! LOL) I’d do a quick once over on the house and anything out of place got thrown into my closet. I am not sure there was ever a time I could see the floor of it!

I’ve been wanting Ryan to build me a closet organizer for awhile but we’ve continually put it off because the back wall needed to be mudded, sanded and painted. I didn’t want to deal with the sand. (the back wall used to walk through to Hudson’s room). Well, my wonderful hubs decided to jump right in and get that wall done. I’m so glad and relieved to have some organization in there now!

I also worked a bit on the landscaping today. Not long ago we ripped out about 75% of the existing overgrown shrubs and well, our landscaping is pretty bare. I’ve slowly been working on it. I have finished 2 small areas…

The first area is by the mailbox. I cleaned out the weeds, filled in with more dirt and moved that bush. This spring I added some annuals which i wasn’t sure of at first. They never look very good when they’re first planted. However, now that they’re growing a bit they do look nicer. I wish they’d fill out a tad more though.

This other little area is on the side of our house by our driveway. I was a mess of weeds when we moved in. It now has some sedum, a mum and some othe rplant that I’m not sure of.
That’s all for now! Must head to bed now that we can actually FIND the bed in our room… the past few days its been covered with the contents of my closet!

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