Musical beds

Internet, give me your thoughts.

Recently we’ve been discussing furniture and looking at beds for Hudson. We don’t plan to move Hudson out of his crib for another year or so but I just want to keep my eyes open and get a feel for what type of furniture I want in his room.

Right now here are the rooms we have and what beds we have:

Our room: Queen bed
Guest room: Full bed
Porter’s room: Twin bunks
Hudson’s room: crib

Porter has pretty much moved into the guest room. Err “gas” room he calls it. For some reason he prefers to sleep in there and its less of a struggle to keep him in bed if we just let him sleep in there. At first I refused, but then my grandma said “Don’t make it an issue… let him sleep in there and he’ll grow out of that phase.” So that’s what we’ve done. But now he’s like, only wanting to sleep in the guest room.

We had a talk tonight about the beds and I asked if he just didn’t like the bunk over his head. That would be easy enough to solve as we could give Hudson one bed and Porter the other (although, for possible houseguest purposes, we wanted to keep bunks in one room). We took the top bunk off and Porter still wanted to sleep in the guest room.

I asked him if we should move the bunks into the guest room and the guest bed into his room and if we did, what room would he want to sleep in? “My room but in the guest bed.”

Ok, I don’t blame him. The guest bed is SUPER comfy. As in, I would choose the guest bed mattress over our queen mattress hands down. It is like heaven.

So, I’m wondering…. should we buy a twin mattress that is super comfy like the guest bed mattress and put that on the bottom bunk for Porter and hope that makes him want to sleep in the bunks again?

We only have one mattress for the bunk right now…. the top bunk just has an air mattress… so really, this is a completely logical option.

Should we save the bunks for Hudson’s room and let Porter have the full sized bed for his room and buy a new bed for the guest room?

I really hate to use the bunks in any room other than Porter’s since I bought two twin quilts for Porter’s room. And I already have the fabric to make a twin sized quilt for Hudson’s room. If we give Porter the full sized bed I’d have to buy him a new quilt, buy more fabric to make a second quilt for Hudson’s room and I’d have two twin quilts extra from Porter’s current bed situation (bunks).

Or, should we just MAKE Porter sleep in his room and refuse to let him sleep in the guest room?

What would you do?

  1. I'd buy a comfy twin bed for Porter, and let him try it out at the store when you shop for it. He'll be so pumped about helping pick out the best bed for him that hopefully he'll want to sleep in it!

  2. I am sure he is probably just sleeping in the guest bedroom because its not HIS room…I bet if you actually switched rooms for him, he would then want to sleep in the guest bedroom (which would be in his old room)….kids are funny like that. I say…Pick your battles…and dont pick that one since no one is really occuppying (sp?) the spare room. But you could try buying a new mattress since you said you need one anyways and see if that works…but I am bettin that he just thinks he is cool because he gets to sleep in the gas room, lol.

  3. Hmmm, if it were me I would just make him sleep in his room, no questions asked. But, I'm not the one with the kid giving me a hard time at bedtime so put me in your house I may have a diff. opinion! I think I like what Andrea is saying. Take him with you, you need the mattress anyway, right? He might be more inclined to sleep in it if he helped pick it out! Good luck.

  4. Hmmmm…If you put the guest bed in Porter's room, couldn't you add a border to Porter's quilt to make it fit the guest bed? Or is there a way to combine the two twin quilts? Then, you could put the bunks in Hudson's room. The only problem with that is, you'll end up having to find a bed for the guest bedroom. The other suggestions are great too.

  5. I have no idea, I'm still trying to figure out what we are going to do when we move G to a big girl bed. I think it might be the fact that it isn't his room and that is why he likes it. Feels less like going to bed? Good luck!

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