5d Mark II Review

I’ll be honest… I really haven’t played around with it much since it arrived on Wednesday. Crazy, I know. But, call me weird, I didn’t shower Weds and felt blah all day so I had no motivation to shoot. And all week it has been cloudy/rainy/gray out so lighting inside hasn’t been the greatest.

I have dinked around a little inside, and am loving the camera so far. I didn’t necessarily “need” a new camera body…. My 30D is functional and I’m not sure I’ve “outgrown” it yet. But… I have been yearning for a full frame camera for some time now and well, I guess that was my main motivation for dropping $2700 on a camera body. Weird… yes. I don’t expect to see a huge change in my pictures… my lenses are still the same, although it is like getting all new lenses now! My 24-70mm is truly 24mm and I love the wide angle view!

Also, though… the 5d has some amazing ISO capabilities. I’m not afraid to crank up my ISO… I’m not afraid of a little (or sometimes a lot) of grain in my photos. I’ve shot newborn sessions, indoors, at 1600 ISO with no problem on my 30D. But sometimes I was limited with my lens and had to open up my aperture and was limited to using my 50mm or 30mm to get more light. With the 5d— I shall worry no more. I have up to 6300 ISO to play with, and I won’t be afraid to use it! Like I said, its been gray and cloudy the past week so inside our light hasn’t been very good. I was shooting inside with 1600-4000 ISO (using my 24-70L aka “Big Kahuna” opened up to 2.8) and have seen minimal grain. Amazing.

I’m shooting two births in the next month or so and I am thrilled to have greater capabilities with this camera. This afternoon I’m doing a maternity shoot for some friends so I can play around with my new toy. I’ll post some pictures later. For now, here are some… shots…. from the past week. Nothing spectacular, I promise.

  1. Hi Nicole….I'm usually a lurker of your blog but am coming out of hiding :). I just recently upgraded to the 5D Mark II from my 30D and LOVE it! I also use the 24-70 2.8 and just love the full frame. The high ISO's are wonderful. Have fun with it! I've had mine for about a little over a month and am still learning all of it's capabilities. I'm anxious to try out the video. Take care.

  2. I am so excited for you!! The one thing I really hate about my XTi is grain. I can't ever shoot with my ISO above 400, and I really don't even like to go *that* high. So in low-light situations I'm really limited to just using my 50 1.8, because all my other lenses are f/4. Ugh! So I will live vicariously through seeing your photos until I can upgrade myself, lol. šŸ™‚

  3. Ooo—I am so jealous! I wanna upgrade so bad, especially for the lens on the full frame. That and the ISO capabilities would be so worth it. Until then I will just drool over your pics, okie dokie? šŸ™‚

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