Wipe out!

Porter spent the day at my mom’s and had been anxious to go tubing on the lake after my mom said she’d take him. After Hudson’s nap, the three of us headed out there to have dinner and to go to my aunt and uncles to let Porter try out tubing.

Now, let me explain Porter to you… he’s a bit of a wild man but he is super cautious when it comes to some things he’s not sure about. As in, he just recently started going up into McDonalds-type climbers as he has been afraid of the height up until now. I was certain he’d never set foot onto a tube. Afterall, he is my child and there was this one time I tried tubing when I was 13 or so and I freaked up and bawled like a baby. Yeah.

It was a hot day out until around 5pm and it rained and immediately cooled off. It was probably around 70* out but we decided to still go on the lake despite the chill in the air.

I am extremely proud to say that Porter went tubing and without an ounce of hesitation. He was gung ho from the beginning and had a blast…. until they wiped out.

Now, they weren’t going that fast but my uncle had slowed down and then began accellerating and at the same time turning. (We’re riding in a pontoon boat). The tube started to bog down under the water and my mom felt like it was going to suck them under so she pushed Porter off and bailed with him. He of course freaked out. I freaked out. I was ready to jump in and folks, this lady does NOT swim in lakes. My mom had it under control and they made it back onto the boat. Porter had calmed down a bit by now that he realized he wasn’t drowning.

On the tube he was thrilled, my mom said. He kept telling her that they were the best tubers on the lake!

Hudson really enjoyed the boat ride. He loved the wind and the motor noise. My boys are such motor heads. He really enjoyed the horn once my mom showed him how to honk it.

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