Last week, out of the blue, I thought to myself “It’s been a LONG time since the boys have been sick!”

And bam. Tuesday morning they woke up with the Nile pouring out of their noses. Porter had a dry cough but by the afternoon he was complaining that his chest hurt. My good friend Google said that could mean bronchitis or pneumonia. After his hospitalization with RSV last year, I was a little worried that he could go downhill quickly. I had some albuteral left over so I gave him a breathing treatment that evening and it seemed to help.

Wednesday morning he seemed ok, had another breathing treatment so we decided to go ahead with our planned trip to South Haven. At the beach it seemed like Porter was having a hard time catching his breath and his breathing was labored. Of course I felt terrible for taking him to the beach when he wasn’t feeling good.

By the time we got home he seemd ok but after his bath his breathing sounded crackly. I decided to take him to Urgent Care after hours clinic. After an influenza swab, two chest x-rays and a breathing treatment we left with no real answer. They gave us a script for more albuteral and said that his x-rays didn’t show bronchitis or pneumonia but looked more like asthma.

This morning he had an appointment with his pediatrician and she said his breathing sounded fine now and that she thought the breathing treatments were helping. She said she doesn’t believe that his symptoms are turning into asthma but they could in the future. She wants us to keep albuteral on hand at all times so we’ll basically have a running prescription for that.

So, at this point we’re just trying to get him over this cold. He’s been acting pretty normal just not eating like his normal self.


  1. Remember when you were pregnant with Hudson and I went to Megan that psychic and she told me to tell you to be very careful because Porter was going to get asthma and blah blah blah. You didnt believe me you laughed about it and said whatever. she knew but i hope for Porters sake its not and he gets better!

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