What’s yours is mine, what’s mine is yours

I really have to applaud Porter lately for some great lengths he’s made in the big brother department. He is typically pretty protective of Hudson…. when the situation doesn’t take anything from Porter. However, put the two boys together on their own and usually one of them figures out a way to get under the others skin and kaboom… sibling squabbles. It’s incredibly annoying. I’m not sure if its jealousy on Porter’s part or if he’s just unable to comprehend that Hudson is little and doesn’t quite “get” rules of sharing yet or if he just plain doesn’t like his brother. I surely hope its not the latter. I had big dreams of them being buddies growing up.

Anyhow, lately he’s made lots of little improvements… baby steps, if you will… in sharing and “filling Hudson’s bucket”. It makes me proud to see him be caring toward his little brother. We make sure to praise him and make a big deal about how nice he’s being and what a great big brother he’s being to Hudson.

This evening after dinner I gave the boys some popsicles. Hudson plain cracks me up when he gets sweets. He laughs the entire time he eats them… after every lick. He had a sucker earlier today… I took the boys into school to help Mo work on the room and needed something to keep them both quiet for a bit… and Hudson would get this huge grin on his face every time he took a little taste of his dum dum. So cute.

Porter and Hudson were so sweet with each other, sharing their popsicles with each other. Porter asked for a lick from Hudson and then Hudson gave him a lick of his (ok, so most of the time Porter took his own lick from Hudson… but H willingly shared!! YAY!)

I should mention… I did a bit of photoshopping to Bessie’s face… this weekend he woke up (Sunday) with some sort of bites or rash all over his face. His actual complexion is more along the lines of this….

I took him into the doctor today and of course everyone who saw him exclaimed “What happened to his face!!” Dr. Williams said it looked like sand fleas… not sure if that was by process of elimination after hearing they had been playing in the sand box Saturday evening and he woke up Sunday morning with bites. I loved when she came back into the room with information on how to get rid of sand fleas and admitted that she went and googled it. Nice. I could have done that at home and saved myself $15. LOL!

  1. My sister came home from a bonfire with bites like that all up her feet and legs to her knees! And they told her the same thing, sand fleas. Poor guy 😦

  2. Awwww…poor Hudson. What do you have to do for that? So fun to see the boys sharing with each other so well. They almost look the same size in these pictures. It's going to make a world of difference for you when they can actually play together and can follow each other around doing things.

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