Feeling Broke

Literally and figuratively, that is.

Just paid bills so, yes, feeling very broke.

And just started back to work so I’m feeling a lot like how Heather worded it: Spent.

Summer has been spent.

Immediately I start criticizing myself about all the things we didn’t do. I had a big plan for a weekly itinerary of field trips and activities and playdates. Every day of the week was going to be fun filled and lived to the fullest.

There seem to be so many things we didn’t do: Alligator Farm, storytime at the library, Binder Park Zoo, summer matinee movie. I’m sure the list could go on if I let myself ponder it.

However, I need to adapt to the “glass is half full” approach and think of all the great things we DID do this summer.

We raised 5 butterflies.
Took a day trip to Lake Michigan
Camped with our greatest friends
Went to the library (and helped fund their millage HAHA!)
Wandered around downtown Jackson, taking in the sights and capturing some pictures too.
Picnicked in the park
Spent many days hanging out in the yard in the kiddie pools
Took Porter out for a movie
Baked way to many batches of Chocolate Chip Cookies
Went to Cascades Falls
Had friends over for a barbecue
Had more friends over
Had a bonfire
Saw Sesame Street LIVE
Went blueberry picking (sadly only twice!)
Took the boys horseback riding (again, sadly only once!)
Captured and released many many amphibians
Spent a day with cousins
Went to the Chelsea Treehouse a couple times
Took Porter tubing
Put closet organizer in my closet
Finished up the landscaping
Ate lots of popsicles
Spent many many mornings snuggling on the couch with my boys, watching cartoons
Went to the Toledo Zoo
Built the boys a monstrous sandbox
Camped at Silver Lake
Witnessed and documented 2 births
Had a girls night in
and of course, kicked off the last weekend of summer with a family camping trip.

Sure, there are many things we didn’t get around to doing. I’m sure this will always be the case. But there are so many things we did get to experience and in my book, I think we spent our summer wisely.

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