First day of daycare!

Wednesday was Hudson’s first day of daycare. It was a bit stressful for me… I knew he’d be fine and I trust Marleen completely but it was just such a huge step for me to leave him with essentially a stranger. It was the fasted drop off ever and by the time I got to the van I had tears in my eyes. Porter asked why I was crying… I told him I was just a little sad to leave Hudson. He told me “Don’t cry, mommy!”

I called Marleen on my lunch and she said he was doing great. He had a little tantrum (he’s good at that) when she told him they were going outside. He kicked and wouldn’t let her put his shoes on. She took him out without his shoes and once he was in the wagon for a walk he was fine. I don’t think he understood what was going on… he still has issues with transitions. When I picked him up he was so happy to see me (I’m sure this will change as he gets more familiar with Marleens) and she said he was great. He was exhausted by 11:15 and almost fell asleep eating lunch. This has never happened! She said at snack time he did get a little irritated and kept asking to get down but still wanted to eat so she wasn’t sure what he was trying to do… she thought maybe he was used to eating his snacks on the run (which we do a lot of since we don’t really have a set snacktime at home). But… he’s used to eating up at the table so I’m not sure what his deal was.

Anyhow, we survived the first day (or should I say *I* survived the first day!).

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