FYI: He’s NOT a cookie

Today was gorgeous- sunny, mid 70’s and just the epitome of a beautiful autumn day. We took the boys to mini golf tonight (which didn’t last long) and on the way there Ryan threw his gum out the window.

Porter said “Dad, that’s littering!”

Ryan: “Well, no, it’s ok to throw gum out… it decomposes. (hmm….) But your mommy’s banana peels….”

Porter: “Dad, those just crumble down and go into the earth. It’s ok.”

Me: (laughing, as I’d taught him that earlier this week) “He’s one smart cookie, he is.”

Porter: “I’m not a cookie!


I was getting one of those hard cinnamon candies out of my purse. Porter asked for one. I told him “No, this is a choking hazard.” Porter says to me “But I like choking hazards!”


Each night before bed I’ve been reading Porter a chapter out of Charlotte’s Web. We got to a part about the barn waking up in the morning and Mr. Zukkerman hitching the horse up to the grass cutter. Porter says to me “The big tractors cut the grass, Mom. They go out in the fields and chop it down and roll it up into a big ball and drop it onto the fields. And that makes hay.”


I’m so amazed at the wealth of information this kid retains. He’s constantly just blowing me away with tidbits of information that he holds onto. I love cuddling with him at night while he listens intently as I read from Charlotte’s Web. We talk about what’s going on at the end of each chapter and surprisingly he really is processing what he’s hearing. Its become a great little bedtime ritual and I think I’ll have to come up with some other chapter books to read to him.

  1. That is so funny you said that- over the summer I read Jake all the Little House books. I've been meaning to blog about it. All of us enjoyed them. They have a “special read-along” edition- it's just bigger print and more pictures.

  2. I love all the sayings that these boys are saying!! And reading chapter books?? Wow! Im impressed! Thats great that he is understanding the story. I never would have thought to do that with a 3 year old. But Porter is one smart cookie for sure! Oh wait… hes not a cookie. 😛

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