I was leaving Meijer tonight and was walking behind a tall woman. I wondered what it would be like to be tall. Like, not 5’3. What would the world look like from 5’10 or so? How much easier it would be to gain 5 measly pounds…. there’s more area to spread it over. How much thinner I would appear at the weight I’m at.

Just sayin’.


  1. I am 6 feet 2 inches tall!! I love being tall!! You are exactly right I can gain 10lbs and not even notice it!! I can also lose 10lbs and it not be that noticeable!!! On the downside, I can not just go into a regular store, pick up a pair of pants or jeans and have them be LONG enough for me!!! I wish I could do that!!!! The only store I can really do that in is the Buckle but I refuse to wear 100 dollar jeans!!! Also TONS of tops are either too short in the arms or the waist! Maternity pants are even harder to find!!! With that said, I still love being tall and wouldn't change it…. I do feel that 6'2″ is a little excessive for a girl 5'10″ would be ideal!!! Anyway, just another outlook on being tall for ya!!

  2. My best friend is 5'10. I call her the jolly blonde giant. HAHA She loves it…but she also loves stilettos and doesn't like to be taller than most men. She also has to buy pants at the Buckle (as do I, yeah their jeans range from $60-140 but I have some from 4 years ago and they still look brand new!!) Anyway, I would love to be slightly taller. Maybe 5'6-5'7 vs BARELY 5'0 LOL

  3. Being tall isn't so great. I'm 5 '11″. I can't find pants, and the arms on shirts and sweaters are never long enough. Then, there is the shoe problem (for me at least). I was always taller than most of the guys in my class in school, so that made me awkward. As for gaining 10 lbs and it not being noticeable?! Um, I wish.

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