Was I dreaming?

So this morning I was woken up by Porter at 8:30 am. EIGHT THIRTY!

My normal Friday consists of getting up at 7am with him.

I smelled breakfast. I walked downstairs to find the boys fed, warm french toast waiting for me, the dishes in the dishwasher and my kitchen cleaned. And now I’m sitting here in a silent house… no kids.


You might think I was dreaming.


And I didn’t hire a nanny or housekeeper.

My mom is here to visit and I might just have to hold her hostage to live with us because damn, a girl could get used to this kind of life HAHA!

Mom is staying with us for the weekend and then with Heather until next Thursday while she visits for Addi’s birthday. She has bravely taken all the kids today to Secretary of State and then to McDonalds (ALL the kids… as in Porter, Hudson, Aubri and Addi!!!) to let me have a morning to myself. YAY!

I was cracking up as she left in the van, loaded up with 4 carseats and a double stroller. She’s nuts! 🙂

The boys are sooo loving having her here. They’re attached at the hip to her which I’m not complaining although I feel bad for her being bombarded by them. Its been a month since they’ve seen her and Porter has had many nights where he’s cried and cried for his grandma. He’s been waiting patiently for 4 weeks to see her again. Of course, now that she’s here for a week he’s trying to play both of us and when I tell him no he’s running to grandma crying his eyes out. Punk.

I’m hoping he takes it ok when she leaves next Thursday. He’s so attached to her its not funny. Its impossible to explain to a 3 year old that grandma moved a thousand miles away and we can’t just go drive to see her whenever we want. But, I guess its better than last year having to explain to him at 2.5 years old that his Nina is now in heaven, right?

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