Halloween Spirit

Last week we dropped off two Boo presents to again attempt to start a holiday tradition on our street. The note says to “Boo” two more neighbors within 2 days, but so far we haven’t seen any BOO signs on our street… nor have we been Boo’ed. So, I’m calling it a wash and ditching the idea. We don’t necessarily live in a neighborhood, but we have 4 neighbors around us (one on each side and 2 whose driveways go back to behind our house) and we’re all pretty close. I had hoped that they’d join in on the fun but I guess not. Maybe I’ll just make Boo Gifts for those 4 families every year and drop them off, no strings attached. Although, it does kind of bum me out that they can’t reciprocate the fun. Oh well…..

I still feel in the “giving” spirit and last week I decided to make this adorable banner… thanks to the idea from Heather Ann Melzer.
I actually had enough to make an extra banner and thought…. I should do a blog giveaway! So, how do you enter?

Simply leave a comment on my blog…. tell me your favorite Halloween tradition.

I will do a random.org drawing on Thursday the 15th at 10pm.

  1. Every year all the kids get together and go through grandma's HALLOWEEN containers and try on diff costumes and wigs and masks and always have a great time doing that..lots of laughs and scares.

  2. I love your house & fireplace. How cute. Love the banner you made. I bought a cute Halloween one from Target a few years ago with little characters on it. So I hope I win to make a set! My favorite Halloween memory/tradition was when we would get the kids all dressed up in their costumes when they were tiny and go to grandparents houses to show them off and take pictures. My Grandma always had treat bags for them with full size candy bars. She and my Grandpa are gone now, which makes me sad but I love the memories and pictures!

  3. oh! this is cute! i saw it on her blog last week too. your house is seriously so cute all the time. okay, my favorite halloween tradition is making a night of cutting our pumpkins out. my hubby really gets into it and makes it fun. also, on halloween, there is a halloween carnival in town and a local hotel has business in all the rooms giving away candy to the little trick-or-treaters (so much warmer than outside) – and we hit both of them up with tucker. i guess my favorite thing about halloween is the CANDY. 🙂

  4. So cute! Since Halloween falls on my brother Luke's birthday (aka..Luke the spook) we always meet at my parents for Chili and birthday cake and then go out with the kids and trick or treat.

  5. Cute banner! I look forward to trying out the 'boo' idea when we get into a different neighborhood. Although it prolly would be a good idea to try it here, There just are a lot of older people on our street or ones that wouldnt really care. Pretty much everyone is sheltered on our street, maybe thats why its so quiet around here. :)My favorite halloween tradition is the Trunk or Treat that we have at our church. They always have fun games, costumes, and lots of yummy food there! Can't wait!

  6. Great giveaway idea! My favorite tradition this time of year is carving the pumpkins with the kids & then baking up the seeds & experimenting with different varities. Another is not a Halloween tradition, but fun to around Fall is to make sun catchers; gather leaves & press between wax paper with crayon shavings.

  7. Super cute banner! We started the Boo thing in our neighborhood this year, so I'm hoping it becomes a favorite, but for now it remains making cookies from scratch and letting the kiddos decorate them with whatever they choose…it always ends up messy, but they always have a smile when we're done!Happy Halloween!

  8. Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday!! I'm really slacking on decorating, so that banner would be great to have 🙂 My favorite Halloween tradition is picking out costumes! It doesn't get anymore “Halloween” than that. We also try to go the All Hallow's Eve festival that's at the museum. They have an old time town set up on gravel roads and you go to each place and get candy and show off your costumes. It's always a ton of fun!

  9. I don't have many traditions yet…just pumpkin carving. I'm looking to start a few more, I remember your Boo! idea from last year and would have tried that in our old neighborhood…this neighborhood is different. I love the banner!

  10. Favorite Halloween tradition — COSTUMES! Ben and I used to host a huge Halloween party every year before we had kids. We'd have a costume contest, pumpkin carving contest, LOTS of food and fun music. Maybe we'll start that tradition up again in a few years when the kids get a little older. Cute banner! It would look great in my living room. 🙂

  11. You are so crafty. Love it.My favorite halloween tradition is from when I was growing up. My grandparents lived in the country and didn't get trick or treaters, so we would get all dressed up and drive out there to show them our costumes. In return for putting a smile on their face, they would give us the “regular” sized candy bars and put smiles on our face instead!!

  12. Love the mantel!!!Not too many Halloween traditions besides dressing up and trick or treating! Love our neighborhood, lots of fires in drive ways with hot dogs for the kids and drinks for the grown ups!!!

  13. I was just noticing how child friendly/boring my Halloween decorations have gotten. We go to our favorite little pumpkin patch every year at the beginning of October to pick out our pumpkins. On Halloween we get the kids together with their cousins for trick or treating. Afterwards, we eat carrot chowder in bread bowls(we special order the ones colored orange with a green stump from the bakery)to warm everyone up, safety check the candy, and the kids pass out with full tummies. I love Halloween.

  14. Well…tradition for us is to go to the subdivision off Clinton Rd and Hendee and Trick or Treat…although last year we went to Fox Farms. Yeah we are pretty boring, lol…OH and we do carve pumpkins…actually Bobby carvs them with the kids while I watch, lol!

  15. my favorite is carving pumpkins. halloween has not really been the same since we moved out of town, though. i grew up in an awesome neighborhood and it was always fun to carve our pumpkins and put them in the window to show them off. 🙂 now no one would see them anyway. and of course there is the fact that we don't get any trick-or-treaters… sad! last year we took max to my parents house and had fun bringing him to the neighbors, i think we might do the same thing again this year. love the banner! i am bad at decorating for fall… well, at least this year i have an excuse. 🙂

  16. I think my favorite is the Boo thing… the kids get SO excited dropping it off… and then of course when we get Boo'd back! It's like opening stockings on Christmas morning!Bummer that it doesn't seem to be catching on with your neighbors. Boo to them! For real I mean. :(Your mantle looks great! Love the banner!!

  17. Okay, this is weird but we like to get KFC on Halloween. It started when we were in college and it just doesn't seem like Halloween to me without some fried chicken!! LOL

  18. I just love trick or treating! Such a big deal is made about “do you celebrate Halloween?” Why wouldn't you celebrate it, it's a day to dress up in a fun costume and get free candy!!!!

  19. ME ME ME! Happy bday to me if I win! I love booing people. I should start it this year! It's so fun and I can't believe nobody has caught on! I love Halloween and fall, I just decorated yesterday and today and would love to add that banner to my mantle!

  20. Crap, forgot my favorite tradition. My favorite, since I've had kids is going to the apple orchard and the pumpkin patch. I get all warm and fuzzy inside thinking about it. We are going pumpkin patching on Sunday and I can't wait!

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