Devil’s Night Costume Party

I have to say… Halloween is becoming one of my favorite holidays. Right up there with Christmas. I love decorating for it and was excited this year to have a Halloween party with some friends and their kids.

I had planned for this to be a “playdate with costumes” of some sort…. the kids would run around outside, we’d hang out by the bonfire and munch on snacks and roast marshmallows. But… Mother Nature had another plan. It rained ALL. DAY. LONG.

At first, when I began planning all this, I said “If it rains, its off.” Well, I got so excited about the party that I decided to just go ahead with it and cram people in my house. I had originally expected around 50 people…. half being kids and half being their adults. Our grand total was 32 I believe… we had quite a few last minute cancellations due to sickness. :*(

However… I do have to say the turnout was great…. just the right amount of friends and the kids had a blast. Although poor Ally was the lone big-girl. Grace (2) and baby Ellie (8mo) were the only other girls. The rest were those wild wacky boys.

I spent the day decorating… the boys and I ran to multiple stores to scoop up last minute deals on Halloween decor. I looooove Halloween decor.

Of course I made cupcakes…. I found these fabulous fingers at Michaels.
And…. our costumes. The fun part!

LeeAnn and her awesomeness made my costume. THANK YOU. We didn’t do any ‘fittings’ and it was a tad tight in the waist and kind of baggy up top but it is just fabulous. I love it. (and honestly, I could stand to lose a few 10 pounds or so…. and I’m sure it’d fit MUCH better LOL!) So… we went as the Wizard of Oz. Ryan was the Tin Man, I was Dorothy, Porter was the Scarecrow and Hudson the Cowardly Lion. And Ramsey…. as Toto.

The Flinstones (aka… The Dawsons)

Lukas as Spiderman
Miley, Billy Rae Cyrus (the early years) and Hannah Montana (aka The McIntosh’s… minus Luke the Monkey)

Averey…. Prime Optimus
The Huffs….. a witch, pterodactyl and giraffe.
The Johnsons…. a lion, dick in a box, and a spider
We played a few games….

And would you check out these twins???

  1. Oh i love it! ๐Ÿ™‚ bummed that i couldnt stay. Next year ill have to request the hours off, although it could be rescheduled next year too! LOL! Im LOL at Drew's costume.. loved that skit! Glad it turned out to be a great evening for you guys despite the rain. Great job on the party Nic! Next up… New Years!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Cute pics!! I know a family planning on doing the “Wizard of Oz” group next year. I can't believe it's already November. That means it's time for daily Blogging!! Boy, this month snuck up quick. LOL!! ;P

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