Taxi Cab Confessionals: Preschool Edition

This is completely copied from LeeAnn’s post but I wanted it on here for my records as well. She narrated it quite well!!

When I take Lukas and Porter to preschool on Monday and Wednesday mornings, it never fails that their conversations are the most hilarious conversations that kids this age could have. I have to hold myself back form busting out laughing most of the time, so they don’t become embarrassed and not engage in natural conversation with each other. I actually remembered to get out my flip video on Wednesday and try to record some of the convo. Im surprised to see that it turned out pretty good too. The most popular topic in the ‘taxi’ seems to be where these boys ‘slept last night’. LOL!

Porter: Last night I slept in a house.
Lukas: Last night I slept in a window, that cuts me… that cuts me off… and then somebody went like this ‘chop’ me off like this ‘chop, chop, chop, chop..” Just my legs, not my face.
(Honestly I dont know where he is getting this from!)
L: And I went, “Ouch”, when he cut me up. (LOL!)
L: He wanted me for his dinner. (???) He thought I was his dinner. And I wasn’t his dinner.
P: Because you went and bonked him in the head.
L: Yeah, and I kicked him in the head.

L: And I fighted him… and then I won…. I won… I won… the fight (in a hillbilly slang)… cuz he chopped me up.
P: Last night I slept with a man that eats glass.
L: Last night I slept in a baby, Last night I slept in a mouth, I mean a tongue.
P: Last night I slept in a gas station stop light
L: Last night I slept in a bulldozer
P: Last night I slept in a dump.. that excavator thing back there
L: Last night I slept in a basketball hoop
P: There’s the train tracks I slept in
L: That was the train tracks that I slept in too
P: I slept in that airplane over there
L: I slept in there too. Last night I slept in the bowling.
P: What?
L: Last night I fall asleep at that bowling.
P: Bowling?

Porter starts us out with hitting the brakes… And Lukas shows us how he falls asleep.
P: Last night I falled asleep in an airplane.
L: Last night I falled asleep in a store, and somebody stepped on me. And I was dead.
P: No you weren’t. You were still alive!
L: And I went ‘woo-er-whoa…..’ And I didn’t move after that. (In a Forrest Gump slang, LOL!)
L: I was like this.. (And then shows Porter how he didn’t move!! LOL!!)

L: I slept in Rocky
P: Last night I slept in that big truck.
L: Which one?
P: That yellow one right there.
L: Right over there. On the hiiiigh-waaay. (LOL!!)
P: Yeeeaaaahhhh.
L: I think thats the highway. (And then proceeds to sign parts of “Life is a Highway” from Cars)

Lukas still singing…
P: We can’t say anything now, we’re lost…. Hey guys I think we’re lost… Let’s talk now… Last night I slept at Menards.
L: Whoa, Last night I slept at Kmart.
P: Last night we all all slept at Walmart! Ha-ha.
L: Yeah, all of the people.
P: Last night I slept with my dog…. that bites me.
L: Whoa, he can’t bite you.
P: Theres the John Deer tractor dogs.
L: Hey are you sure that dogs can ride tractors?
P: Yeah.
L: Okay I will see if they will. I’ll train Rocky to ride on the tractor.
P: Hey LeeAnn, Lukas will train Rocky to ride in tractors.
L: Yeah and I will train Rocky to sit in it… and I will drive him… and he will go ‘ruff….”

And so there it is the first episode of Taxi Cab Confessionals: Preschool Edition. πŸ™‚

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