Run, run, as fast as you can….

So a week ago LeeAnn and I decided to challenge ourselves, armed with our Nike+’s, to meeting a goal of a set number of miles to run each week.

And this past week I victoriously met my goal of running a whopping 8 miles for the week (said uber sarcastically…. really. 8 miles a week? Slacker).

I just barely made it… logging in my last 2.92 miles on Saturday night, after dark, with Porter and both dogs in tow. The school parking lot is all lit up and it takes about 7 laps around the entire parking lot(s) to log 2.75 miles. However, once I got down there (after walking down our dark road, past the swamp and woods… eeeek!), Porter freaked out about being in the dark outside, and not being able to keep up with me running while pedaling his bike.

So… after less than a mile logged, I was ready to call it quits. But then I decided… NO. I came down here despite all these other factors (having to take Porter, having a blister on my heel, feeling achy and sore all over my body from running and hauling firewood)… good golly I’m going to run these 2.9 miles in hell or high water!

I told Porter…. Sit by that light pole and be quiet. I ran around 2 light poles for 36 minutes (yes… that’s a measly 12min/mile)…. a stretch of about 10 parking spaces I’d say. Yes… boring. but, it got the job done.

And I feel flippin proud that I made it through the first week challenge. And I am feeling good about not feeling bad about not running every day of the week (got that?). This summer I would get discouraged if I missed a day of running. And then I always end up quitting. But… I’m trying to tell myself its okay if I just run 3 days a week… if I can fit in more, great. If not, well… I’ve got 3 days to exercise and that’s better than none, right?

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