What Will Work Wednesday

More help, please.

Porter and his potty mouth… and I’m not talking his sailor words this time.

I kid you not… all day long he has literal diarrhea of the mouth. Everything has “Poop” attached to it and I swear to God if I hear it again…

I’ve tried sassy sauce (vinegar and water) and lately I can just threaten with sassy sauce and he stops but now he’s to the point where he asks if I have sassy sauce with me and of course I tell him yes and that does deter him from using potty words but I don’t feel like I should have to have a “crutch” of sassy sauce, kwim?

Before sassy sauce I had him go to the bathroom and shout out all of his potty words. He’d say “Poop” or “Butt” or something and I’d say “Go to the bathroom, shut the door and get it out.” And we’d hear him in there “Poop butt Pooop Poooooop PPPPOOOOOPPPP Fart Buttt!!”

Today we were playing outside and I think I had just halfway tuned out anything vulgar Porter was mumbling as he played but finally I snapped and turned and slapped his face. I was SO OVER IT! I’m SO sick and tired of hearing those RIDICULOUS words.

I had a chat with him tonight and told him that it makes him look stupid when he walks around saying Poop and Butt and Pee and Crap. I told him there were much better words he could use in the English Language (what, like SHIT? ). I told him it made me very angry and frustrated when I heard him say those words all day.

And its not like he’s saying like, “I have to poop! The cat is gonna poop!” No… its like “Ok, let me go put on my poop coat!” What do you want for dinner, Porter? “Poop sandwich!”


Help. What do I do. How do I get rid of this fascination with POOOP!?!?


  1. I can't tell you how much Porter reminds me of my Cooper! We don't have a problem with obnoxious words, but instead have a huge issue with backtalking. I talked and talked and talked to him until I was blue in the face about how rude and disrespectful it was, but that did nothing to deter it. He has also gotten his cheek slapped, but the biggest solution has been to do nothing to acknowledge it other than to wash his mouth out with soap (as in, I put a squirt of handsoap in his mouth and send him to his room . . . there are no threats or warnings, and the consequence is immediate.) We have also used something similar to the bathroom tactic that you use, sending him to his room and telling him he can say whatever he wants in there, but to get it all out before he comes back downstairs.Boys.

  2. Tony and I read this now.. and he says the 6th graders are STILL trying to sneak in these word!! GAH!!! What are we going to do with these boys? I'm wondering if it IS just a boy thing. Better make up some sassy sauce for my house. 🙂

  3. My nephew, who is now 4.5 and has grown out of it, went through a hard core phase like that. He would look at me and call me Auntie Poopy Face. My sister would just DIE. She said the only thing that worked for Charlie was to ignore him, once he quit getting a reaction, he quit doing it. I'm dreading those days, the back-talk is something I have VERY little tolerance for!

  4. Ok, first of all from an outside perspective, those last few sentences are pretty hilarious! Sorry 🙂 However, I think you are Shit out of luck. Boys do that stuff, it's hilarious to them. I have no solution for you but to ignore it. He's getting a rise from you, which is what he wants so he'll keep doing it. My girls are big into “doody”. Everything is doody this or doody that. But hey, it could be worse considering the words that come out of my mouth! Good luck Nicole!

  5. I'm going to agree with Michelle…I think it's a phase & it's boys for ya! I wouldn't worry too much about it. Donnie goes into phases where he talks about “poop”, and “toots” …. and then he'll just forget about it.

  6. That's so funny, because Okis does the same thing. Attaches “poop” to other words and thinks it is totally hilarious. We had a playdate last week and he kept saying it to his little friend and they would dissolve into giggles.

  7. Hi, I'm a friend of Heather and Ryan Morrisons. I pop over to your blog every one in a while and usually get a good laugh. I love your writing and take on parenting. I can tell you are a great mom. Anyway, I have to say it is a boy thing too. My son likes to add poop, toot, butt, diaper to everything he says. My nephew also had an obsession with this, almost to the point that we thought he had Terets Syndrome. My sis in law tried everything under the sun to try and get him to stop…spankings, time outs, losing priveledges, getting really angry, etc. He didn't really stop or grow out of it until they completely ignored the behavior. Even if the behavior is improved, I think it is still inevitable that they will be totally intrigued with using the words. I have to say my grown husband, brothers, and Dad still LOVE potty talk. Ugghh, BOYS!

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