6 years
2,190 days
52,560 hours
3,153,600 minutes

Happy Anniversary, Ryan!

My how times have changed…. after our honeymoon to the Iberostar in Mexico (Riviera Maya), we talked about how we wanted to spend our 5 year anniversary there.

Well, last fall life had different plans for us…. we had a new house, a new baby, lost Ryan’s mother and were just not in the place to be able to do such a trip.

This year we tossed around the idea of even a short trip for the 2 of us. I even looked up tickets and packages and priced it out. But then we decided we (ahem… I) really wanted to get our kitchen project underway so again, the big vacation for the 2 of us is put aside.

Even a short trip to Chicago wasn’t… isn’t… possible as we aren’t really sure what we’d do with the boys for a weekend.

Anyhow… we had decided dinner and a movie would suffice… after all, its the time spent together that counts, not the place. But all day I’ve been feeling under the weather and have slept most of the day. The boys have been cranky and well, life just happens. So, while Hudson and I slept earlier, now Ryan and Porter are sleeping. And neither of us have the desire to get out of our pj’s and pretty ourselves up for dinner and a movie.


My, how life changes.

But… I have to proclaim… it IS for the better. I love our little life we’ve built together and I couldn’t imagine these dreams coming true with anyone else.

I love you, Ryan!

  1. Reminds me of the ep of Desperate Housewives when all Lynette wanted for their anniversary was a bubble bath, and to go to bed early… LOL. Sounds like us, too! Happy Anniversary!

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