Change of plans

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, Porter and I are leaving for the airport. We have to be there by 7:30.

But… after today… or more less, this evening, I’m ready to just leave him home and take a vacation myself. I’m picturing long days of reading books, walks on the beach, catching up on the pile of magazines I have.

Yesterday I took Porter to Gap and I swear the kid acts like he’s never been in a store. He’s crawling and rolling all over the floor, running through racks of clothes and just basically being a maniac. UGH!

And then tonight… he does NOT sit in his chair at dinner. He is up at least 2 to 3 times during a meal. So I finally put him in Hudson’s chair and buckled him in.

Then he kept bugging Hudson. He kept saying potty words and talking to me with a rude tone of voice. I finally decided to put him and Hudson in bed (even though my grandma is picking Hudson up in a little bit so he can stay with her tonight)…. and he complained the whole time he cleaned up his books.

I tucked him in, told him I wasn’t reading a book tonight.. I was just done. Then Ella jumped on his bed and he got ticked at her. She wasn’t doing anything except laying at the end of his bed. He yelled at her and crawled to the end of his bed to shove her off. I told him to leave her alone and she wasn’t bothering anything and he yelled “I hate that Ella cat! I wish she would die!”

That pissed me off. I flew across the room and slapped his face so hard. I felt bad but OH MY GOD I’m so tired of the attitude! The other day I made him sit in time out and he pulled his normal “I have to peee! I don’t want to pee my pants!” (which is a total ploy to get out of time out) and then when I told him to go ahead and pee his pants, we’d just change them later, he got even more ticked and started yelling “I want you to die!!”

I ignored it as I was trying to not acknowledge him in time out. But when he said it again tonight about the cat I was so done.

I feel like all we’re doing is going backwards. One step forward, two steps back. Or maybe 3 or 4, I suppose.

I just can’t take it anymore. I wish wish wish I could just leave him home and take a much needed break. I actually have kind of thought of just taking a 2 day/1 night trip away, by myself, to a hotel over my birthday weekend so I can Christmas shop and just be away from the chaos that has consumed my house.

Ugh. I hate being so negative. I’m just so short tempered today. Need to vent.


  1. Oh Nicole! I feel your pain. We went thru a horrid patch with Ally where she said and did the type of things you're describing. We actually took her to a therapist it was so awful….. Hang in there. Don't beat yourself up and ask for help.. but most importantly… Take that little trip… And tell me where you're goin'. ;). Seriously…. Take heart you're not alone. For whatever consolation that is. Ally grew out of it. But it damn near killed me. That's why there are five years between my children. ;).

  2. I hear ya. Sounds like my day…I swear all I do is yell, “don't touch that, get in timeout, don't hit your brother, blah, blah, blah”…so frustrating! Hope your trip is good for you & Porter – maybe it will be just what both of you need.

  3. This phase will pass…I was shown a new way (that works) on how to get my kids to mind! Time-outs weren't working, spankings, nope..about losing my voice yelling & the kids picked up that bad habit..enough! When they are being bad, fighting, out of hand, etc. we ask them to go get their favorite toy & plop, into the garbage it goes! It only took a few times and they got it, works like magic. When I start counting backwards, 3,2,1 they usually don't let (or want) me to get past 2! Wish I had known about this method when the kids were younger…could have cleaned house easire, ha!I hope you & Porter have a great time and that the weather is warm 🙂

  4. have fun visiting your mom. i hope it goes well. sorry to hear you are having such a rough time with should take that trip. it would be worth it. get away and dont feel bad. my aunt is moving to dc and next year, i am going to head out there by myself…cannot WAIT!

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