What’s new, chicken shoe?

I think that 18 months is such a fun time and such a stage of development and growth. I am amazed at the things Hudson has picked up in the past week or so…

When I got home from NC, Hudson was looking through our shells and picked up a black one and said “Black.” Then he picked up a brownish one and said “Brown”. He did this a couple times and I was just floored. He knew colors!

Monday morning when he woke up he saw his Elmo towel hanging on the railing in the hallway. He said, clear as day, “Elmo!” My heart was broken… NOOO! Its not Elmo, its MO MO!! MO MO!!

He is adament that airplanes are “Boats.” He walks around sayining “Boat! BoaTTT Boat BoatTTT!’ And then today I kept hearing him say “Speed Boat” in the car while looking at a book. Porter kept correcting him…. “No, Hudson, that’s not a speed boat!” And Hudson would reply “Speed boat!” Turns out he was looking at a farm book and he was calling a duck a speed boat. Hmmmmm….

LeeAnn watched the boys for me yesterday and she said that after changing his diaper he said to her “In the trash?” (to throw the diaper in the trash). She thought it was a fluke but the next two times she changed his diaper he said the same thing “In the trash!”

I just can’t believe how fast he is growing up!

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