I Give Thanks…

I give thanks for…

  • My husband…. who humors me through good and bad. Who loves me happy or grumpy. Who stands by my side right or wrong. Who is holding my hand through life’s ups and downs, creating our little fairytale along the way.
  • My two amazing little boys…. who make my heart so happy it could burst. Who keep me on my toes, who have the ability to make me laugh and grit my teeth in the same minute.
  • My family… who are the roots of my existence, who are always there for me no matter what, who are the link to my past and never turn down an opportunity to reminisce.
  • My girlfriends… who are by my side through thick and thin. Who are, like me, on this roller coaster of life called Motherhood. Who share their tales of trauma and triumph, proudness and embarrassment. Who help keep me sane.
  • My education and job… as much as I despise my student loans, I am ever grateful for my education and the possibilities it creates for me. And I am so thankful for having a job in this economy. Every year my position at the school is on the chopping block and I’m so thankful to still be in the position I am in (although I’d much rather be in my own classroom… its still much better than subbing! Next year, though… I am pretty sure the story will be different. Thank you Budget Cuts to Education!!)
  • My home… which oddly brings us such pride and joy… provides us with shelter, a place to create memories and a gathering spot to bring our friends and family together.
  • My freedom... Thanksgiving Night, Ryan and I watched Blood Diamond. I’ve never wanted to cry so much during an action flick. By the end of the movie it had me wanting to sell any diamonds I owned and swear them off forever. I am so thankful that we have freedom of speech, religion and have rights and security in our country.

And, well, unfortunately nearly every single picture I took on Thanksgiving was underexposed… badly. Not sure what I was thinking. I didn’t take that many picture either… which was nice to sit back and enjoy rather than snap snap snap. I do think these two are share-worthy.

The cute apron Hudson made at daycare (Miss Marleen is too awesome!)

And Addisen in her darling dress… that was my sisters when she was little!

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