Dr. Porter

I left the boys unattended for a bit upstairs while I was speaking with a client in my office. I went upstairs to assess the damage as I had heard lots of banging and crashing coming from upstairs.

I noticed in the bathroom there was a few spots of blood on the toilet paper roll. Hudson has been having bloody noses but I didn’t think he knew how to wipe his nose. And on toilet paper, at that.

I asked Porter what it was from. He said “From my boo boo. I had to wipe it off to put a new bandaid on it.”

And then he held up his perfectly bandaged finger. Minus the fact that the tape part is right over his cut.

Last night he cut his thumb on a can of corn. He was trying to take the lid off an empty can from recycling and cut his thumb pretty deep. I am in awe that he took his old bandaid off, washed it out (his arm was soaked with water), wiped off the blood, got a bandaid and rebandaged it by himself.

Did I mention he’s only three and a half?!

  1. I just have to tell you- I cut my thumb opening a can of tuna a few years ago- I ended up having to get THIRTY-SIX stitches!!!! Good thing he's alright! Those can lids can cut deep!!!!

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