My answers + More pondering….

  • Am I the only mother in the world who doesn’t feel awful for their kids when they get shots? Seems like everyone always dreads those appointments…. but it never seemed to phase me.
  • Where do you buy your bras? What brand, how much? How often do you buy new ones? How many do you have “in rotation?” I usually buy from Target and sadly only have about 2 in rotation. I need more.
  • Would you be offended if your husband bought you a CZ engagement/wedding ring and tried to pass it off as a diamond? I’d probably be ticked if he actually LIED and said “its a diamond!” What about if he told you straight up? I’d have no problem with that. What if you thought your diamond was a diamond but found out 10 years later it was a big honking CZ? That would be soo wrong. I’d be ticked.
  • What time of day are you gassiest? Do you pass gas after meals? At the end of the day? When you wake up? What’s wrong with me? I’m gassy in the morning. But not smelly gassy. HAHA! What a random question. I did find this website that was kind of entertaining: Facts on Farts
  • Would you rather have a teeny tiny house and a really nice car or a large house and drive a rusty old beater car? I’d rather have a nice/large house and an old car.
  • Do all of your stockings (Christmas stockings, that is…) match (identical), coordinate, or are they mis-matched? Oh my are our stockings mis-matched! SOOO mis matched. Mine is a cross stitched stocking from my grandma when I was little. Porter has one my mom made him. Ryan has a random one from probably Target and Hudson has one from Targets Dollar Spot that was supposed to make do last year so my mom could make him one like Porter’s. I’m now thinking I’m going to buy some cool vintagy fabric and make us all “coordinating” stockings that aren’t matchy matchy. I really like this fabric.
  • Do you indulge your kids with gifts only on holidays or do you disperse it throughout the year and keep it simple on holidays? Or do you just indulge all year long and really go all out on holidays?
  • Would you rather have wood floors or ceramic/slate tile floors in your kitchen? This one I have no answer for. I have many views… 1) I think sometimes wood floors might be too much with wood cabinets. But I do LOVE wood floors. We were planning on putting in slate tile in the kitchen but found a great deal on chocolate colored wood flooring and might just redo the entire first floor with wood.
  • Which one: Cherry or Coca-Cola flavored Slushies? I used to like Coca-Cola but prefer Cherry now.
  • How soon after New Years do you take down your tree? By New Years I’m so ready to have my house back to normal. Preferably, the weekend after.
  • How often do you get your haircut? How much do you pay for a haircut? I get my haircut about every 4-5 weeks. I was surprised at some of your answers!! My haircuts are $22 but I give a $5 tip, so total $27.
  • Does the sound of cotton balls squishing creep you out? UGH I can’t STAND cotton balls! I hate to touch them. I cringe when the kids bring home projects from daycare/preschool and it has cotton balls plastered all over it!

And…. more thoughts….

  • How do you feel about putting a large flatscreen tv above your mantle? Would you do it? Do you have one?
  • What do you do with all the holiday cards you receive?
  • Do you hand write all the addresses on your holiday card envelopes? Do you run them through the printer? Do you print out sticky labels? How do you feel about each of these methods?
  • When you’re invited to a party, let’s say a holiday party, do you go out and buy a new outfit?


  1. 1. I want a flatscreen above my fireplace and I'm going to get one soon but I was curious as to if it would get too hot b/c it would sit on the mantle and that's pretty close to where the heat rises up. I think it looks modern and it's at the perfect height so you can see the TV while laying flat on your back on the couch. LOL I'm so lazy.2. I have never received a holiday card. Our family is not a card type family, I guess.3. I don't send out holiday cards but if I did I would print them out on the computer, since my handwriting is the greatest. But if you have super nice handwriting, it is more personable to write out addresses. 4. My motto is…a new event means a new outfit! I love the hunt for the perfect outfit.

  2. I don't like tv's above mantles… I don't like that it makes it the focal point of the room. Ideally I like the tv in a big cabinet that you can close up and not have to look at. Unless maybe it's just specifically a TV room…Do you mean during Christmas or after Christmas? I hang them up and then I keep them in a pocket in our Christmas photo album for each year.Hand address… only because I don't have a list on the computer and I figure if I have to enter it all in and format it anyway, I might as well write them on the envelopes. Doesn't matter to me which way it's done.Most often a new outfit is definitely in order…

  3. 1. The flat screen above the mantle thing depends on the room i think. I don't think I'd want it there if there was somewhere else to put it. Where do the wires go?2. We have a card holder for holiday cards that I usually leave up most of the year.3. I hand wrote my cards this year but only because someone told me it was “impersonal” not to. I'd much rather put them through the printer and it's not so much lazy-ness but more I like how they look better.4. I almost always buy a new outfit for a party but I haven't been to one in YEARS.

  4. 1. I don't like the look of a TV above the mantle. Ben wanted to put ours on or above the mantle and I'm glad he let me talk him out of it. Looking at it now, it would have been too high for viewing comfort.2. I save them for awhile. I usually display the ones with pictures on them. I want to find some sort of thing to put them in/on, but have had a hard time finding one that isn't tacky. I saw a sleigh one I thought was kinda cute.3. I hand address the envelopes. Sure, it takes time but it is more personal that way. My feeling is, if you have so many cards that you can't address them all, then maybe you need to cut back. Does everyone REALLY need a card? We used to send out over 100, but now we send out like 65.4. I like to get new outfits, or at least a new top. Couldn't afford to get something new for every event though this year, so I am wearing a few things I have already. I am allowing myself to get ONE new top though – if I can find one on sale, LOL. Still shopping…

  5. 1. Since we don't have a fireplace it's not a problem! ha! But, if we did, I'm not sure I'd like our tv over it…I think I'd rather hang something else up like pictures, etc. and keep the tv in a closed cabinet. 2. We put all of the cards we receive taped to the back of our front door. After Christmas when we are putting everything away, I put them in a bucket or container to take them out next year in case I want to look through them again. 3. Yep, I handwrite all of them…4. I don't always go buy a new outfit, but maybe a new piece of jewelry or shoes! 🙂

  6. 1 – I would totally put a TV above a mantle if I had one (a fireplace). I would be worried about the heat though, you know?2 – I hang all the holiday cards on the fridge and then keep my favorites afterwards in an “idea” tote (yours are always kept because they are so cute…is that wierd of me?)3 – I have labels already made for all friends, family, blog friends, etc…so I just run them through the printer, stick and then send. I'm way too slow at hand writing because it has to be PERFECT! I'm fine with whatever method people use. It doesn't bother me at all.4 – Depends on the party. If it's a fancy one then yes since I don't have any really nice clothes. Otherwise I usually do with whatever I have in my closet.

  7. 1. My parents' have their TV above their fireplace. They just ran out of room to put it when they bought new furniture. I don't mind it. If I didn't have a play room to put the tv in, I'd have it above my fireplace in the living room (if I had a fireplace!).2. I don't receive that many… they usually end up on our entertainment unit in the living room.3. I don't send out holiday cards… yet. I plan on starting next year. I'd been in school for the last few years and I just haven't had time to do it. Next year, I'll have plenty of time!! Plus, my family members are HUGE card givers. I think I'd like to handwrite all the addresses… it makes it feel more warm.4. Oh god… this is always a debate with my bf. I always want to buy a new outfit when we are invited to a special event or a party… and I almost always end up doing so. But he thinks I'm out of my mind. I'll usually try to wear something I have in my closet if we're meeting with people who haven't seen that particular outfit yet…

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