Hudson: 19 Months

This post has been in the works for a month… Since I came home from NC.

Wow has this kid blossomed overnight. Literally.

I left for NC last month and Hudson had a few words he said… Maybe 20 or so? I was floored when I got home and he pointed to Elmo and said, clear as day. “Elmo”… Not “Mo Mo” like he normally did. I was kind of sad!

He was also saying Thank You, Please and Excuse Me. Although they sound more like Tah Goo, Peese and Scoo Me.

He has this cute way of adding ‘car’ to peoples names. Oma is now “Oh-Car”. Papa is “Papi-Car” and he has even done it to me, Ry and Ramsey ( Mama-Car, Daddy-Car and Boo Boo-Car).

He repeats everything. I am amazed at how much he is saying! I assumed that since Porter was such a big talker that Hudson would probably be my mum child. Not so.

He will call to Porter “Poe! What doing?”

He tells me he sleeps on a “beeg boy” bed at “Mar-eens.”

He still loves his “mine mine.”

He says cereal, oatmeal, cheese, milk, uh oh, couch, trash, mess, tow truck, ball, Rory, Ella, boat, color, paint (he loves to color), down, all done, he tries to say banana nut bread butit comes out more like “balalalalalala”.

He knows some colors.. He told me today “blue ball” when we were playing in the ball tent.

He’s just growing up too quickly… right before my eyes.

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