Our house has been full of bedroom switches lately!

After battling Porter’s persistence on wanting to sleep in the guest room, I finally moved him into the guest room for good. I was planning on giving Hudson the full size guest bed soon, but instead Porter will have the full size bed and Hudson is getting bunks.

Porter LOVES his “new room” and his “new bed”. And miraculously, we’ve had ZERO bedtime tantrums and he has been staying in his bed.

Today I picked up a nightstand for Hudson’s “big boy” room and decided to go ahead and move the bunks into his room. I set them up as separate twin beds with the nightstand in-between and his room looks SO cute.

He did great going to bed tonight… he was up for a bit in bed looking at his book and playing with the truck he was sleeping with but he didn’t cry or attempt to get out. However, I’ll skip being a naive first-time mom putting the baby into a big bed because, well, been-there-done-that and I know the honeymoon period is only about 2 weeks long.

The other day I realiezed I hadn’t made a growth chart for Hudson so I spent the afternoon painting and (copying) another online growth charts’ design. I used colors that match Hudson’s room and I LOVE how it turned out:
I did a little “progress of work” documentation while I painted….

And… I can’t leave out Porter. Thursday morning while I was drying my hair Porter had his radio on. I was pretending to belt out some Christmas songs on my hairdryer. He thought it was hilarious and turned up his music… and changed the station to 94.9 “The Edge”… a rock station. He started jumping around on his bed and then went to get his guitar. Rock on! I felt like I had a teenager in the house jamming to screamer music.

  1. Where's the pics. of the beds in H's room?? Glad that Porter is happy with the “gast room”.:) Sometimes it's just so much easier giving into what they really want instead of what we may want! Maybe, I'll atempt to put Nolan in his big boy bed….eeeeek, I'm still scared!

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