Must Share.

I spent part of this past weekend browsing blogs online. I got sucked into one blog and then onto another and another and another… until I was as lost as Little Red Riding Hood. I did, however, find some great things!

  • Create your own Blog Signature. SOOO easy. Go to MyLifeSignature and follow the directions. 1) click here to start 2) use the signature creation wizard 3) type in your name 4) pick a font 5) select size 6) select color 7) select slope 8) then click “want to use this signature?” 9) generate html code 10) generate code for my handwritten signature 11) VOILA! Copy your html code. Then…. go to Blogger…. 1) Settings 2) Formatting 3) scroll down to Post Template 4) paste your html code in the empty box and then SAVE!
  • Em-il-ie…. great blog, lots of crafty fun ideas, adorable little red headed girlies, great pictures.
  • Today’s Creative Blog I love how she has a whole slew of categories…. decorating, crafts, quilting, party planning etc…
  • Shutter Message Board We happen to have two shutter style swinging doors from the entry to the mudroom…. I’ve been trying to get rid of them since we moved in but now I think I’ll keep them! I think I’ll use this to display Christmas Cards next year.
  • Chalkboard Message Wall I love this idea.
  • Little Birdie Secrets I love the Christmas Countdown Blocks

  • U Create I am definitely making this Pinecone Wreath/
  • Stocking Holder Re-Vamp I LOVE this! So simple, too. You can’t imagine how many frames I have boxed up around this house! Finally, a way to use them!
  • The Lettered Cottage I think this is one of my fav’s. And she now has me wanting to paint my kitchen cabinets black! Look at how awesome her kitchen looks… Presto Chango! I just love her decorating style.
  • Rain Gutter Book Display I saw this quite a few years back and still have yet to find a place in my house to put these. I love the idea of all the books being out on “display” and in view. My kids love books, but I think they’d be more appealing if they could see their covers.
  • Cute way to spice up a plain ol’ tee… Embellished Tee

  • Have you ever been to a ReStore? I saw this on Our Suburban Cottage blog and turns out there is one in Jackson as well as in Ann Arbor and Lansing. I must check them out!
  • I might have to attempt this Birthday Crown for the boys’ birthdays!
  • Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. This would be a cute decoration.
  • Another Christmas Countdown Activity. Our sock countdown didn’t last long this year…. Porter ransacked the socks somewhere around Day 10 and I decided to call it quits. I think I’ll do this next year.
  • I suppose I can use all of those socks (see above) to make these cute Sock Monkeys!
  • Seriously COOL…. have a ton of plastic grocery bags? Why not reuse them and REMAKE them into an awesome reusable grocery tote?

My goal this past year was to do more handmade Christmas Gifts, a la Heather Morrison Style. 🙂 However… yet again I failed badly. I did make photo cube ornaments of the boys for our family members and plan do to this each year, I think. I also think it might be fun to do with my nieces as well and someday have a tree full of their beautiful faces from every year!

Anyhow… I dug into all those blogs and found lots of neat ideas for Christmas Gifts next year. Not sure which ones I’ll use but I thought I should list them for future reference and also to share my great finds….

WHEW! Happy Blog Surfing to you!

  1. Thank-you for sharing all those wonderful ideas. But seeing all those cool blogs just makes me realize how bad mine sucks! Some people are so talented! I painted the lower half of Jakes bedroom with chalkboard paint and kids love it. It's always covered with doodles and drawings.

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