1am Laundry Cycle

As I checked in on the boys before calling it a night, Hudson woke up and I noticed his face looked dark. I peered closer and realized it WAS dark.

Blood dark.

His entire face was covered in dried, smeared blood.

His hands red stained from wiping at his face.

Alarming at first, I realized he just had ANOTHER bloody nose. I swear my kids get sooo many bloody noses! Hudson can just fall and bonk his nose and BOOM… bloody nose. Other times they’ll wake up with bloody noses. I guess I need to get another humidifier in the house.

Is that normal? I think Hudson has had about 5 or 6 bloody noses since the fall. Porter, probably that many in the past year and a half.

Anyhow… Hudson’s ‘mine mine’ is in the wash and I’m heading to bed to try to console the angry toddler who wants his blankey.


  1. Ugh! No fun in the middle of the night – okay, no fun ever.One of Norah's friends had a bloody nose fairly often. Her mom took her to an ENT – they did a little procedure and she hasn't has one since.

  2. That sucks! I don't know if it's normal or not to have lots of bloody noses. All I know is that neither of my kids have ever had one. I will get one once in a great while (like every few years or so), but Ben gets them a lot more frequently, especially during allergy season.

  3. definitely normal…just start using some nasal saline a couple times a day-especially in the winter! my kids think it is fun and tickles them! it'll REALLy help!

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