Out of Date

I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever. Sure, I’ve blogged…. but nothing of real substance. Nothing important. Nothing documenting our life. I never posted pictures from Christmas. Or New Years. Or…. gosh, lots of things!

My mom is in town for 10 days. She got here on Wednesday. Porter was so excited he waited up for her to get here Thursday to stay the night… he was up until 11:30! The kid loves his grandma, that’s for sure.

Today I FINALLY took down the Christmas tree. Yes. It is halfway through January and I’m only now taking our tree down. Usually I do this the weekend after New Years but for some reason this year I felt like it was too soon. But today… oh no. It was TIME. And my house (well… the living room at least) looks so much better without the Christmas decor!

Adios, Christmas Tree with your 1500 beautiful glowing lights!

Isn’t this shirt so cute? Hudson made it at daycare. We love Miss Marleen!!

Other events of the day… Katie and I did a little shopping this morning and I bought my first Coach purse. GASP!! I love it, though. In the words of Katie… “I’m so glad I made this investment.” HAHAHHAHAHA!

My mom, Porter and I went shopping this afternoon to pick up some gifts for our Christmas party tomorrow. We are getting together with my mom’s side of the family. I can’t wait! I’m proud of myself… went to Target and Toys R Us and I ONLY bought things I actually NEEDED. Nothing frivolous! WOOO HOOO!!

That’s all for now.

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