Lost: 4 Day Weekend

Friday night I lay in bed, feeling bummed that my “free day” was over and I only had 2 days left of the weekend. Then I remembered that there was actually an extra day… I didn’t work Monday! WOO HOO! The weekend was looking up!

However, its now Monday night and I’m sitting here wondering… WHERE did the weekend go? Is it possible for a 4-day weekend to go by faster than a normal 2-day weekend??

Because I think it is possible.

We’ve had a busy weekend. My mom is in town and thus far a lot of her time has been filled watching my sisters kids. Which means for us to see my mom, the girls come along. I love the girls but…. a houseful of kids every single day is just not my idea of relaxing and enjoying. Not to mention that my kitchen/dining room is torn apart and I’ve been painting/doing projects all weekend. We are on night #2 of Aubri staying with us and well, I’m ready to get back to a 2 kid household. It doesn’t help that Aubri is big into tattling and has taken over the crown for “Poopy” talk and Porter is extra-wild when she’s around. All three things that are riding my last nerves.

Regardless, I’ve still managed to get a ton of stuff done around the house. Saturday and Sunday I worked on the kitchen island. The cabinets are painted, the beadboard is up and painted and I have to say…. it looks NICE! I’m just giving it a few days to let the paint “set” and then I’m contemplating whether I should “distress” it at all or just leave it solid black. And then I’ll put a coat of poly on it and call it good ! Now we just need a countertop…. 🙂

I also finished up the front side of Hudson’s quilts. They look SO cute! There is one fabric in them that I’m not loving, but I think I’m going to keep staring at it for a few more days and see if it grows on me. I need to finish the back panels and then sew them together with the batting. I laid the top of the quilts on his beds and it looks SO cute!

Saturday we had our family Christmas on my mom’s side. My Uncle Finn had cleared off a spot on their lake and we took the kids ice skating and sledding on the ice. They had a blast! I feel like the larger our family grows, the less and less we get together as a huge extended family. Kind of makes me sad because I’ve always loved my mom’s side family gatherings. This year I didn’t take any… ANY…. pictures inside. I did take a bunch outside skating/sledding but that’s about it. Although it was nice to just sit back and not worry about the camera.

Tonight I’m going to rent My Sister’s Keeper and try to look on the bright side…. the weekend may be over but at least its only a 3-Day work week for me!

  1. I'm with ya on the 4 day weekend going by faster than a 2 day weekend. I hate that.I've gotta say that I TOTALLY love what you've done in Hudson's room. Are you sure you don't want to ship the whole thing to Utah for my twins? I would totally hire you if you lived here to decorate for me.

  2. LOVE the quilts! You did a great job! Makes me want to go out and buy a sewing machine….and learn how to use it.Hope you had a big box of Kleenex for My Sister's Keeper.

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