Happy Heart Day!

My awesome hubby did my favorite thing in the world…. he hand made me a card with the boys.  He helped Porter write his name and he wrote me this long “poem” (I say that because he woke me up and in my groggy state I read his long rambling card and actually thought it rhymed…. and when I read it later in the day I realized… no, it didn’t really rhyme.  At all.).  I scrapped a card for him and voila.  Our holiday was done.  
The boys got a few little goodies…. they each got a pair of rainboots for 2010.  Rainboots are the best investment I could ever make with these boys.  Porter has thoroughly worn out his boots every summer… wearing them from spring until fall.  And they got a few goodies but honestly, the boots were a hit.  They’ve worn them every day since V-Day and even wear them around the house. 

Hudson’s shirt he made at daycarew with Miss Marleen… it says “Love Stinks”.

I made myself a little festive scarf….

Isn’t this so cute…. Hudson loves to pretend to blow his nose.

Ryan and I rounded out the day with another fabulous Supper Club with the bestest buds in the world.  Its so nice for us to all hang out and enjoy a kid-free dinner, lots of adult conversation and just have a nice relaxing time.  A perfect way to spend the evening. 

  1. Oooh, I LOVE that t-shirt! I'm going to have to remember that one!!We got the kids rainboots this week too… must be we're all itching for spring! Now if we could just climb out of the twenty degree temps so they can go out and play!!

  2. Awww…at least there's one thoughtful husband out there. I almost got the boys those boots for their birthdays. Good thing I couldn't find the right size. Seems like it's been forever since we saw you guys. Can't wait to see you all for Porter's birthday and see the room makeover. 😉

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