Celebrating #4

Last night I had wanted to fill Porter’s room with balloons so when he woke up on his birthday morning he’d find a bunch of balloons.  Well, I procrastinated and didn’t get balloons before it was late late that night.  Cam went to a friends house and had offered to pick up a package of balloons.  By the time he was heading home I was going to sleep so I told him to forget the balloons… I was going to bed and wouldn’t be able to blow them up before Porter woke in the morning.

This morning I woke up to Porter yelling for me.  When I walked into his room I saw balloons all over.  My heart was so happy… Cam had still stopped for balloons.  And at 1:30 in the morning had blown them up and filled Porter’s room.  Porter was thrilled and it just made his morning. 

Unlike Christmas morning, Porter loved everything he got for his birthday.  He loved his monster truck jammies from Gap… he bugged me and bugged me for those pajamas.  And his skateboard is a sure hit… I can’t wait for it to warm up… he’s raring to go on that thing and wants Uncle Cam to teach him how to ride it.  He also got a movie, a Lego set, some Cars cars and froggy ear–buds for his Leapster.

Porter was great with his gifts… he shared with Hudson all day and that made me so proud.  Maybe we are gaining ground here?

  1. How sweet that he still got the balloons! Must have made for a memorable birthday morning! Maybe I can do this for Okis when he turns 5.Porter looks so happy with the skateboard. I'm sure he will have lots of fun with it once the snow melts. Happy Birthday!!

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