High 5

A quiz for all of you if you feel like posting it…

5 family members you can’t live without?
Ryan, the boys, Oma, Dave and Mom

    5 girlfriends you can’t live without?
    LeeAnn, Katie, Leslie, Jane, Lori

    5 foods you can’t live without?
    Pizza, Hot Tamales, Ham sandwiches, Ice cream, Cereal

    5 favorite movies?
    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, P.S. I Love You, A Lot Like Love, The Proposal, Gran Torino

    5 favorite TV shows? 
    All of the Real Housewives casts, 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, House

    5 biggest pet peeves? 
    -Kids not being in proper carseats…. not at all, incorrectly or put in boosters prematurely, 
    -The government makes being married such a ‘punishment’…. single parents get so many more benefits its ridiculous.  Its like the government rewards unwed parents and rips off married couples.  Ugh.,  
    -Consumers Energy.  ’nuff said., 

    5 places you have visited and loved?
    Charleston, SC, Mexico, Chicago, Orlando, Key West

    5 places you want to visit?
    Sequoia National Park, Niagara Falls, New York City, Paris, Italy

    5 memories that you will never forget:
    The birth of my boys, My wedding day, The weekend Cathy died,

    5 things you love about your house/location? 
    -Even though it doesn’t have every single amenity we want in a house, it has every bit of potential to make it into our dream home;  
    -Our fireplace;  
    -Our neighbors;  
    -A formal entryway into a foyer;  
    -4 bedrooms and an office, plus a fully functioning apartment above the garage.  So much space!

    5 things you wish you could change about your house/location?
    -I wish we had a master bathroom (eventually we’ll convert the apartment into a master suite… so that issue will be solved);  
    -I wish we had a 2 car garage (eventually we’ll add on a 2 car garage + mudroom and convert our current 1 car garage and mudroom into a family room or something..);  
    -I wish we were in more of a neighborhood… although we love our neighbors it’d be nice to be in a subdivision.;  
    -I’d like to have a garbage disposal,  
    -I wish we had a larger basement… one downside to a 2 story home is smaller footprint for basement.

    5 projects you are working on or want to accomplish this year?
    -Print all my Blog Blurb Books… start an annual or biannual Blurb Book for pictures only, 
    -Finishing my kitchen/dining room (hopefully new flooring and countertops too), 
    -Privacy fence in the back yard, 
    -Sealcoat our driveway, 
    -Sand and stain and paint my stairway

    5 material possessions you can’t live without? .
    Camera, Computer, iPhone, Vehicle

    5 reasons you blog?
    For memories… to remember all the small things you’d easily forget
    -To create friendships with people I’d otherwise never have met.


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