Could it be….


Probably just a teaser… anyone who lives in Michigan knows that true spring won’t be here until late April or even May.

But, today was such a nice little glimpse of what we have to look forward to.  It was nearly 50* and sunny out.  Porter and I went grocery shopping this morning… early (like… 9am!).  First we took Duncan next door to play with Graci and Ziva.  He spent a good 2 hours there wearing himself out while Porter and I shopped and Ry and Hudson played choo choo trains.

Then we headed to Cascades to do a little walking.  Porter got to ride his bike for the first time this year and Hudson enjoyed his overpriced car he got for his 1st birthday.  The doggies were great… Ramsey needed a little brush up on her leash manners and Duncan was such a well mannered dude.  Probably didn’t hurt that he was exhausted!   We walked the 1.3 mile path and decided to head home for lunch.  It was such a nice way to spend our morning.  I think we will be planning time to do this much more often.

My two little blondies….


  1. That's one thing we will really miss – the walking path at the park. We used to be so close and would take walks over there like every evening. I know we will be making many car trips over there this spring and summer.

  2. Its been so nice the last couple of days, hasn't it? the sun's been out, and the temp has been decent! I love it. I know its just a tease. but there's hope! 🙂 Looks like you enjoyed your time outside.

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