Emerald Isle Day 8: Wednesday

Family trip to the Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium.  (Me, Ry, the boys, Mom, Heather, the girls, Cam and Brittany) We ended up getting a membership as we will get into zoos and aquariums in all the other states for free or half off.  Ryan and I are excited to use our membership… we have plans to take the boys to Chicago via train in June.  Originally we were going just to the Field Museum to see their dinosaur exhibit but now we’re going to hit the Shedd Aquarium as well since the admission will be FREE!

The aquarium was great, as usual.  The weather was gorgeous so we were able to go outside to view the marsh on the sound.  Outside, we took a ton of “together” pictures.  Dorks.   I did just realize, though, that there is not one picture of our family of 4 from this entire trip.  😦

I think this one of Porter and Aubri is one of my favorites!

On our way home we went to Atlantic Beach to eat at BoJangles for lunch.  Ryan said we must have looked like hillbilly retards piling in and out of our two vehicles.  We had 4 carseats and 6 adults.  He said, in a hillbilly voice,  “Tew mini cahs make uhp wuhn mini van, raaaht?”  (Just another reason to love my mini van… so. much. more. room.  Although the rental price was ridiculous!

Then we stopped at Flip Flops, a great little boutique just outside Emerald Isle.  My mom bought Porter his first pair of Rainbow Flip Flops.


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