Friday, Friday

Today was not a typical Friday around here.  Sure, I didn’t take a shower (typical)…. but this Friday LeeAnn needed someone to watch the boys while she slept (after working 3rd shift at the hospital).  Of course I agreed- the boys all get along so well and I would do anything for LeeAnn (ok, not ANYTHING, but you know…).

Tony dropped the boys off at 7:15 and our day was planned to be a little busy… Porter had a doctor’s appt. at 10am so I was going to drop Lukas and Brady back off at LeeAnn’s around 9:45 and pick them back up around 11 after the appointment.

Thank goodness for the good ol’ mini van HAHA!  Porter and Lukas thought it was great to ride in the back together and just being able to help a friend out when I am needed is great.  It was kind of fun to pile all these kids in and hit the road in my dorkified vehicle.  I actually made it out the door ON TIME (rarely heard of for me, even with just 2 kids!) and only 2 of the 4 kids were crying as we were leaving.  (Hudson because he doesn’t feel good and Brady because he was tired but was fighting his nap).

This afternoon I was on a major spring-cleaning binge.  I am seriously ready to just purge EVERYTHING from every closet and drawer and shelf in this house.  We have TOO MUCH CLUTTER!!  Last week I went through the toys in the basement play area and straightened up the basement.  Today I went through the hall pantry/closet and the play room.  I’m hoping to tackle the boys’ closets this weekend and maybe set a date in the next month or two to have a garage sale.

This evening I finished spray painting the last 6 shutters on the back of the house.  I also ran to Menards and picked up another pair of shutters for the bay window in the apartment on the front of the house.  I can’t wait to see how much better the front looks with shutters on that window.  And… I got a roll of screen to replace all the screens that Porter has gouged holes into (by the way… we made him use his allowance money to pay for the screen since he’s been told a bazillion times not to poke holes in the screen).  I also got paint to repaint the ceiling in the upstairs bathroom that is moldy and gross above the shower. When we remodeled the bathroom I think I primed the ceiling but never painted it so the ceiling above the shower has mildew spots. Gross and ugly.

I have two more sessions this weekend in addition to the 3 main housework goals for this weekend (put up shutters, new screens, paint bathroom ceiling).  Plus finish Katie’s birth session slideshow and last weekends session proofs.  I did want to steam the wallpaper in our kitchen but I sooo hate wallpaper so I’m putting that off for another weekend.  What’s one more week with a half demoed kitchen?

  1. ewww you got spammed.. anyways.. i love the pics of the boys. especially the first one, the older boys look like deer in headlights! LMAO!!! You are such an awesome friend to take on my two boys along with yours! And yes you did awesome on time… 20 minutes before your appointment?!?! hahahhaha!

  2. YAAAAAAY!!!! My slide-show is almost ready!!!!!Glad your initial therapy meeting went well, I think you'll get a lot of good tips you can pass along to your friends! 😉

  3. WTG with the 4 kids!! I am mega impressed!I know what you mean about wanting to get rid of everything. We are going to have a garage sale here this summer. Our neighborhood does a sale that is always really successful, but I have to find out when it is. You are welcome to put some stuff in it (I am going to ask more people too) if you want!!

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