True Blue

I dug up an email I received from one of my greatest friends. We aren’t always up to date on everything in our lives, but we always know we’re there for each other. I’ve always respected her opinions and advice and I love her dearly. She wrote this to me to help me through a difficult time, and I cherish her words and thought I would share them.

Some people don’t value the worth of girlfriends and maybe its because they don’t understand the ups and downs, the ebbs and flow. Me, I love my girlfriends. Even when we drift and are not as close as normal or when we’re irritated with each other or separated by miles.

Words of my wisdom (take it for what it’s worth)
You will have friends of the moment…and then you will have those tried and trusted, true blue friends. You may not always be “best” friends with your tried and trusted, true blue friends but they will always be there for you. You will have you ups and downs with them, times where you can’t get enough of them, and times when you could care less if you ever see them again. But they will always be your friend. For me, these true friends have been with me forever and love me no matter what. For me, I feel blessed that I have a handful of these people. Then… you will have friends that come into your life for a moment. They will be so much fun and then for some reason the friendship just doesn’t last. My words of wisdom: If you have those few people in your life that are the true blue friends don’t beat yourself up about lost moment friendships that come and go. Enjoy them while they last and maybe, just maybe, one of them may become a true blue friend. I love you my true blue friend!

I hope everyone out there has a handful of true blues. I know I do.

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