First critter of the year….

This morning Porter found a dead baby bunny in our driveway.  I assume Ramsey found it, killed it and brought it home.  He was so sad for it.  We decided to bury it out back and said a little prayer for Jesus to take care of him in Heaven.  Porter kept saying “I’m so sad for that baby bunny!”  😦  Looks like we need to keep closer tabs on Ramsey this spring.  

This evening we found a garter snake in the yard near our wood pile.  I caught him so the boys could hold him for a bit.  We had fun feeling his scales and watching him move through our hands.  Ryan wasn’t so thrilled… he wanted to chop him with a shovel.  Porter named him “No Feet” and wanted to keep him (ok, so did I– a little bit!).  We held him for a bit and then released him out back near the swamp.

Pretty soon the salamanders and baby toads will be popping up all over the yard!  YAY!


  1. SERIOUSLY, WTH NICOLE…..You picked that thing up?? UGH!! I saw a snake in our yard last summer and made the boys stay in the house the rest of the day because I was petrified! lol!!

  2. You were meant to be the mom to boys! There is no way I would ever be able to pick up a snake and share it with them. YIKES! I bet your boys and their friends will think you are the coolest mom ever!

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