End of Year Preschool Project

Porter had an end of the year project to do for school, and it will be displayed at an “Open House” of some sort this Sunday.  We had a good time working on this together, and I’m proud of Porter for sticking to it and doing a lot of the work himself.

We looked through magazines to find things that he liked (dinosaurs, trucks, strawberries, cupcakes, bikes, oh and Target….) and he cut the pictures out himself (Ok, on some I did a little touch-up work to get the excess off) and glued them on.  I cut up some tissue paper and he painted the poster (shirt and shorts) with a glue/water mixture and we both paper-mached the tissue paper squares on.  I, of course, wrote the words and drew the outline of “Porter” but he colored it in.  He was so proud of his poster!


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