Near Heart Attack

Ryan and I just about suffered massive heart attacks.  We were doing stuff around the house and realized Porter hadn’t been seen/heard in awhile.  Usually he’s out back in the sandbox, but he wasn’t there.  So, we started yelling for him and searching the house and yard.

No Porter.

I ran to the Mietelka’s because he’d mentioned wanting to play with Kyle.

No Porter.

Ryan ran to Gary and Linda’s to see if he was mooching another popsicle from them.

No Porter.

I ran to the Kelley’s to see if he’d invited himself over to play with Kennedy and Eian.

No Porter.

We both started to freak out at this moment.  Ryan ran back inside and I weighed my options between the pond next door and the van.  Was he playing in the van and got locked in?  Did he go after a turtle and fall in the pond?

I decided the pond was the most dangerous choice at the moment and if he were in the van locked, he knew how to get out.

Just as I started to run next door Ryan comes out of the house and yells for me.

He found Porter.   In the basement, crashed on the couch.  Sound asleep.  Safe and sound.

WHEW!  That boy needs a radar on him.



  1. Sounds just like my dh when he was a kid. Same senario…busy with something and he was playing then no Brent. turned out he fell asleep on the back steps to the shed. lolI am so glad Porter is ok!!

  2. im sure relief doesnt even come close to how u felt!! i can totally relate…daxton has disappeared on us a couple times lately and i have thought the same thing about him having some kind of tracking device on him! sounds like a great idea to me!!

  3. How scary!!! My daughter freaked us out like that once. We searched all over the house yelling her name and we finally found her sound asleep under her bed!

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