3am Ramblings

It’s 3am and I have been in bed since before midnight and just can’t sleep. Too much on my mind… too much going on and too many things bothering me to rest.
We have had such a fantastic week this week. I was going insane at home the few days before we left to camp. I was losing my mind trying to get the kitchen “remodel” finished up and ready for the countertops that are being installed the Monday after we get home. And the boys were into everything and I had packing for a week long camping trip on my list and I was, at the last minute, trying to convince Ryan to buy a camper. (yes, the last part was self inflicted stress).
The forecast in Silver Lake called for rain Mon, Tue and Wed so I was really dreading this camping trip. We have been SO lucky and had great weather all week. It did rain three times but it was at night so it really didn’t count, right?
We have done so much this week i’m not sure where to start!
-Lori, Don and the girls were here until Tuesday. We rarely saw the girls and Porter when we were at camp because they were off running/biking around the campground. It’s nice that Porter is getting a little older and can have some freedom- it’s technically like a neighborhood (with a 5 mph speed limit) and anyone driving through pretty much knows kids run here and there and everywhere.
-We watched the sun set on Lake Michigan two nights in a row. Gosh, I just love Lake Michigan. It’s easy to forget you’re in Michigan when you’re on the beach.
-The kids stayed up wy too late all week. Bedtime was… Non-existent. Some nights it was 9, some nights 10 or 11. That meant naptime was a must… For kids AND mommy. We all slept so well!
– Despite thinking the weather (heat) would make the trip unbearable, the weather was fantastic. Our site was shaded and we always had a nice breeze coming through.
-Sunday we all went on the Mac Woods Dune Ride. Tons of fun and the kids had a blast. Well worth the $$.
-Yet the main reason we love Silver Lake… the dunes! The boys LOVE driving on the dunes and watching the quads and dirtbikes and big dune trucks drive all around. We had the quads up here so Ry, Dave and I got to play around a bit on those. We hope maybe one day we can get a dune truck (jeep wrangler… looove) to beat around on the dunes.
-Craigs Cruisers has also become a must-do activity as well. Porter was finally old enough to do the kids’ go carts and thought he was hot stuff. Hudson was so bummed and the kid running the ride offered to take him on. The smile on his face as priceless and he has zero hesitation about going on with him. Porter was hilarious and totally competitive racing Hudson.
We also did the big go carts. Hether had come up with her girls from Thurs to Sat and luckily we had a 1:1 ratio with the kids. All 4 of them had a blast on the big go carts and their grins were huge. I love making them happy. Hudson surprised me most… not that he doesn’t love cars and all that boy stuff but just the fact that he got SO into the racing and crashing into cars. He was Mr. Serious getting on the track.. could barely wait for he guy to open the gate and let him get to the go cart. He was zoned into getting in the car and going! Friday night we went back- Ry, Heather, Aubs and Porter- and rode he go carts twice. We are addicted.
We also did bumper cars and oh my word…. DANGEROUS! I have a bruised ankle and ear from being bashed around. Aubri rode with me and kept hitting her head on the steering wheel. We would get hit square in the side and I’d be shoved into her and I thought for sure we would have whiplash. I literally felt like we were the dummies in those car crash tests! Addi bawled the whole time while Hudson and Porter couldn’t get enough. My boys… so rough and tumble. Again, their grins were priceless.
-we spent a few days at the pool at the campground as well. Porter is SO darn hesitant to get in the water and try to swim. He would try with floaties nd the second his chin bobbed into the water he freaked out and about hyperventillated. He would swim around with the arm floaties and a small inner tube though. Hudson, on the other hand, was all about jumping in! He was going under water and yelling and laughing And grinning ear to ear. He would yell “MOOOOOMMMM! One, two, Freee, eight!” and then jump in. Porter did his at the same age as H but now… Not sure what’s up. He said he’ll swim without he tube when he is a teenager. (just like he will pump his legs on the swing when he’s 11). Haha!
This entire week has been so great. I have not minded one bit staying in the tent (this is after camping the past 6 years in a pop up, too!). Porter is really bummed to go home tomorrow (today). I’m pretty sure he is going to cry.
I can’t wait to get back up here again this summer, but I’m also so excited to get home. I miss my doggies and my home. And my own bed and mostly my shower! I can not wait until Monday because our new countertops are being installed! I can’t wait to have a new sink and new countertops. It’s been 2 years of wanting and finally finally it’s here! Not to mention his kitchen demo started in January! (and is not finished yet… New floors and backsplash still to come). It will SO be worth it though.
And… Wow… So much more to write/vent/blog/ramble about but I know the sun will be coming up way too soon. I’m surprised I haven’t fallen asleep while writing this!

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