A tiny bit cluttered

My purse reeeeally needed to be cleaned out.  Like, so bad that we went to Target today and I went to pull out my wallet (which is no tiny wallet…) and it wasn’t even in there.  That’s right… my purse was so loaded up that I didn’t even notice my wallet was missing. 

I dumped the contents out onto the island and this is what I found:

  • wipes
  • Pentwater Visitor Guide
  • trial size Aquaphor
  • socks
  • point and shoot camera
  • 2 suckers
  • iPhone
  • bag of gummy sharks
  • 4 pens
  • hinge for kitchen cabinet
  • ceramic tile for kitchen backsplash
  • 5 matchbox cars
  • 1 motorcycle
  • Ryan’s keys
  • fruit snacks
  • prescription bottle
  • sunscreen stick
  • 2 pair of sunglasses
  • receipt from Hilton Chicago
  • Chicago train schedule
  • Client portrait agreement
  • $6 City of Jackson tax refund
  • map of Field Museum
  • $1
  • clip of coupons
  • a penny
  • a nickel
  • tampon
  • bottle of bug spray
  • 3 note pads
  • 2 tiny plastic dinosaurs
  • 3 brochures for kitchen things
  • map of downtown Chicago
  • numerous misc. receipts and wrappers
Oh… and this does not include the pouch of diapers that is always in there, plus my little pouch of lipstick/powder/lipgloss. 


  1. you could totally win one of those games they have at baby showers where they count how many random items you have in your purse off the list. 🙂 do you know what i am talking about? i had my 6 dollar refund from working in the city until about a month ago when i remembered it was in there one day at the bank and i cashed it. 🙂 did u find your wallet?

  2. LOL! I have won that purse game that Leslie is talking about!! 🙂 I have thought about getting a purse organizer thingy. There are a couple brands I have looked at. One is Purseket and the other is like Chameleon or something like that.

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