How Efficient

Drop Ryan off at 8:30.
Surgery at 9:30.
An hour of recovery.

I have the boys with me because Ryan failed to find ou if I needed to stay (they preferred I did) and didn't realize this until the day before surgery. (yet it was still my fault I didn't find a sitter because “I had 2 weeks to find one”).

I dropped Ry off and took the boys for a haircut and we hung out at the nearby Toy house.

I got a call a 10:40 that surgery was done and he'd be ready in about 20 minutes.

We finish up at Toy house and get to the surgery center around 11:15.

It is now 12:15 and we are still waiting. The boys are hungry, it's nearing naptime and they have been cooped up in a waiting room for an hour.

We are now outside playing in the landscaping. Throwing rocks is more fun than sitting quietly.

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