Suburban Housewives Do Ikea

I sooo love Ikea.  I don’t think I can enter the store without squealing and clapping my hands like a lunatic.  I just loooove Ikea!  
Jessica, LeeAnn and I made an entire day/evening of our trip… we ate, shopped, ate, shopped and ate.  Yes, for real.  We got there around uhm… 2ish, had lunch.   Shopped the top floor.  Had some chocolate pie.  Shopped the warehouse.  Ate dinner at Panera.  We didn’t leave Canton until almost 9pm.  Our husbands (nor our wallets) were very thrilled. 
This is how we left the store… three shopping carts and a flat cart.  Chock full.  Between the 3 of us we spent $900!  Ouch!!!
And, again, the Swagger Wagon (HAHA) was just the right tool for the job.  We crammed that baby full!!
I picked up a 4×4 Expedit for the playroom, a new 20×20 frame for the living room (I knocked one of ours off and broke it to pieces when I threw Duncan’s toy for him and it hit the frame off the wall), and some baskets for the buffet in the dining room.  Only, the baskets didn’t fit the way I wanted them to so I may have to make another trip to Ikea (DARN!!) to exchange them for another style.  

  1. We are IKEA bound this weekend! (I don't dare tell the kids or they would be mad! They love that place!)I was so geeked to check their website yesterday to find that some of the items I have on my wantlist have 'new reduced prices'! That was music to my eyes & wallet 🙂

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