Randomly thinking about…

  • Why do I seem to take on so many house projects at one time?
  • Do I have ADD?
  • Has this summer been unseasonably hot and muggy or am I just getting old and can’t handle the heat?
  • Has there been like a month long full moon making people crazy?
  • Why do my kids fight over toys so much?
  • Why can’t I seem to keep my house organized?
  • Does laundry breed when left alone in the laundry room?
  • Why do people who claim to hate drama seem to be the ones making the drama for themselves?
  • How often do they redo the highways… because it seems like every other year?
  • Is there a such thing as a bag addiction aka addiction to purchasing bags?
  • How do people on that show NOT know they are pregnant?
  • Is it possible to be in love with your phone?
  • Where am I going to get the money to take a Master’s course this fall?  And this winter… and next summer and so on?
  • Where am I going to get the time to work 4 full days a week, run my photography business on nights/weekends, spend time with my family and take care of a house and go to school. Not to mention my husband will be in school too.  Hmm…
  • Can we plant trees in our backyard without ruining our drain field? 

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