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Don’t base your decisions on the advice of the people who don’t have to deal with the results.

Why do we trust one another so little? I know there must be a reason, but still I sometimes think it’s horrible that you find you can never really confide in people, even in those who are nearest to you.”   

-Anne Frank
There is nothing in this world that is truly “perfect”. Though it may be a rather large cliché, it is still the truth. It is the ordinary people who look up to “perfection” as an ideal and seek after it. But in truth, what is this idea of “perfection” truly worth? Nothing. Not a single thing. I detest “perfection”. To be “perfect” is to be unable to improve any further. There would be no scope for “creation”, not a single gap in one’s knowledge or one’s ability.”  -Kurotsuchi Mayuri

You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there”  -Edwin Louis Cole   Stand up and fight!!

I’ve learned lately that you can’t always trust people.  Things aren’t going to go as planned.  Friends will be lost.  And hearts will be broken.  The person who you thought you could count on will let you down.  But in these situations, the best thing you can do is hope for the best when life lets you down.  Because from every bad day there’s always a tomorrow.  So be optimistic.  Live for the moments.  And treasure them.  And never have regrets because at one point it was exactly what you lived for.  

At the end of the day, there are some things you just can’t help but talk about. Some things we just don’t want to hear, and some things we say because we can’t be silent any longer. Some things are more than what you say, they’re what you do. Some things you say because there’s no other choice. Some things you keep to yourself. And not too often, but every now and then, some things simply speak for themselves.   -Meredith Grey

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