Dinner date with Jen and Nathan

Day 2 of our Busy Busy Busy week…. My doctor’s appt. went well (just a follow up to discuss progress), and I decided to skip Nixon Pool since Hudson was being uber cranky.  For some reason the child wakes up at 6:30am and is in a foul mood alllll day.  Instead of the pool, my grandma watched Hudson and I took Porter ice skating.  It was great to have a little on-on-one time with just Porter.  I need to start doing this with Hudson as well.  Its amazing how different the boys are when they have my undivided attention.

We met up with my friend Jen and her son Nathan at the Leslie Park for McD’s dinner and some photographer/friend chit chat.  Its always so refreshing to talk with Jen.  I love meeting up with her and its a bummer she lives in Holt/Lansing and isn’t closer.  The last time we met at Leslie Park was when I was pregnant with Hudson and the boys were almost 2.  While we’ve seen them numerous times since, it was neat to see Porter and Nathan play on the same park again.

While we were there some teenagers (Jen and I guessed 14ish?) were playing “Lava Tag”…. aka…. you can’t touch the ground or you’re it.  Porter wanted to join in so I told him he’d have to ask them.  And he did!  Went right up to the girl and asked if he could play!  Nathan joined in and I swear those boys ran and ran with the big kids for well over an hour.  They were sweaty and hot and having a blast.

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