My what a friendly weekend….

  • Friday night we met up with Adam, Jane and their girls (GIRLS… GIRLS…. THREE of them!) at The Parlour for iiiiice cream!  Yum.  We took the kids to Cascades to see the falls….err….. run down the big hills.  The Dawson Twins were the highlight of the falls.  🙂
  • Saturday Ryan worked…. bought a 4-wheeler (nice surprise?  Hmmmm) and then we went to the Huffs.   We grilled out and discussed a possible kitchen reno for K-Train.   OOOH la la!
  • Sunday I had a dah-ling newborn session with Mr. Collin Bradley.  Handsome little dude.  Then we had Supper Club at the Howards.  They made chicken and steak kabobs. YUM!  
What a fabulous weekend.   My original plans were to demo the kitchen floor and get that flipping slate down, but I think the weekend turned out great just the way it was.  Kitchen floors will always be there later, right?

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