That is the sound of a breath of fresh air void of 90* and humidity. I’m sitting on our makeshift patio eating my breakfast… The breeze is lightly blowing, the boys are playing in the dirt (yes, they choose the dirt over their ginormous sandbox), Ramsey is laying by my feet and Duncan is chewing a stick.

Last night was the first night in a looong time that we shut off the AC and opened the windows. This summer has been miserable for me. I hate humidity and even more… humidity + heat.

The past 2 years we have only turned on the a/c for a total of about 2 weeks in the summer. Our house stays pretty cool and we usually get a nice breeze throughout. This summer we have has the air on ALL summer, except for maybe… MAYBE… 2 weeks. It has been so humid that the air is needs to simply cut down the humidity.

We have barely played outside in the past few weeks. Primarily because I am flipping miserable outside but also the past 2 weeks, because of all the moisture, the mosquitos have been terrible. Not near as bad as the summer we moved here after the house and yard sat unkempt for a year and the mosquitos would swarm your car as you enter the driveway, but bad nonetheless.

I miss our normal Michigan summers… 80*, cool and breezy at night.


  1. I love the warm days and cool nights! We, too, have barely spent any time outside lately because of the damn mosquitos!! I can't wait until we get a frost to zap them all!!!

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