Strep #2

We’re leaving in the morning for Whiskey Creek-a-Tuckey.  And Porter has strep.  Last year the boys and I were deathly sick with sinus infections, so why not do strep this year?  This is only the second bout of strep I’ve ever encountered in our family and thus far, we’re 0/2 in detecting it.  Hudson had it awhile back and honestly the only symptoms he had was excessive crankiness.  This time, Porter has been complaining of a tummy ache.  That’s it!  I decided to take him in because he was just not being himself… he was tired and uninterested in doing anything he normally likes to do.  And he had a tummy ache.  Turns out, strep apparently shows up in many different ways!

School hasn’t even started and I’m already feeling the pull of being a working mom.  Tonight is our Open House and I’m contemplating if I should go or not.  We need to pack for camping and Porter isn’t feeling well and I have a million other things I could get done.  I do need to go into the class and set up my “corner”.  I’m not required to be at the Open House, and to be honest the parents typically don’t care to talk to me anyhow.  They want to talk to the teacher, of course!  So… I’m trying to decide if I should stick around or not.  
I’m also feeling very ill prepared for the beginning of the year.  Not that I won’t have other time to get things prepared, but I just feel like I should have gotten a sitter last week and went in to get stuff prepared.  The first week is usually pretty lax, (ok, the first two weeks) so I can get things prepared and ready then… but still. 
Anyhow.  I’m looking forward to 5 days of relaxation.  Or something like that.  My grandma is having back surgery this Thursday.  I wish I were able to be here to see her when she gets out.  She will be heavily on my mind, that’s for sure.   She’s had terrible back pain for awhile now, and hopefully this surgery (where they will remove a disc, I believe, and insert a pin in her spine) will be the means of relief for her.  We just found out last week she was having surgery, and my mom has decided to come up during her week off and stay to help her.  So, when we get back from camping my mom will be here to surprise the boys and we’ll be able to spend the week- until Friday- with her.  

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