meet hudson

Hudson is our baby, our second-born son.  He is sensitive and caring and loves animals of all kinds.  He loves to cuddle and snuggle, and can fold his tiny little body into a perfect snuggle ball.  He has a sweetness about him, with his chirpy little voice, but you can’t be fooled by that.  He can often be moody and demanding.  Usually, he’s pretty easygoing and goes with the flow.  He doesn’t mind playing alone, and can entertain himself for hours with his trucks.  Despite his petite size, he has a ginormous appetite.  Its not uncommon to find him cleaning everyone else’s plates at play dates.  Hudson is such a goofball.  He is silly and comical, and loves to make us laugh.  In the process, he usually ends up cracking himself up, too.  Like most typical younger siblings, Hudson adores his big brother and loves to follow him around.  

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