Picture Day!

Tomorrow is picture day at Porter’s school.  Before he started “preschool” (this is his 2nd year… and OF COURSE they do preschool pictures!), I said I’d never buy those god awful pictures that they take.  They’d never be on MY walls.

Well, they don’t make it to my walls, but I do buy a package, albeit a small one (with just one 5×7) and the picture does grace my scrapbook.

Is it wrong that I’m choosing his clothing and background color to match the scrapbook paper collection (Show & Tell for Porter and School Spirit for Hudson)  that I recently purchased to create a 12 year School Album (the Ultimate School Album)?  HAHAHA!  I’m like… “Ohhh I love this brown “Handsome” shirt (aka… button up collar shirt… Porter calls them Handsome Shirts)… but this blue-green one would match SO much better.  Hmm… I wonder if it’d look hideous with a purple background… that scrapbook paper had purples in it….”

This brought back an old-school memory of picture day for me… I remember being lined up and everyone handed a little black pocket comb to “brush” their hair (really?  REALLY?  If I’d been a mom of a little girl, who’d probably spent the morning perfecting pigtails or in my mom’s case the french braid… only to have someone give my kindergardener a comb to “comb” their flipping perfect hair? HAHA!

What is your most vivid memory of school picture day?

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